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After graduating from Monmouth College with a BS in Biology and a minor in Art, Steven A. Levine started Country Landscape in 1973. Drawing from his talent
and knowledge of both science and art, he creates sensitive environments from
the Berkshire Hills to the desert terrain of Arizona.

Utilizing heavy equipment Steve sculpts the topography into useable outdoor spaces, blending earth, rock, water
and plants into natural looking habitats. With a succession of blooms through the season, these large-scale landscapes are like three dimensional kinetic paintings unfolding over time.

The business, which has grown successfully and solely by word of mouth, operates primarily in the Berkshires of
western Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas of Connecticut and New York state. During the winter months,
projects in Arizona offer a working vacation and the ability to create a diverse mix of landscape possibilities.
From the cold and hardy New England landscapes, to the desert heat-tolerant landscapes of Arizona, Country Landscape designs are both practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Steve carefully selects plant materials with an emphasis on natives and edibles capable of handling the extremes of each location. Low maintainence upkeep and usablitiy are essential components of each creation.

Country Landscape enjoys a diverse spectrum of design-build projects and has collaborated as a creative consultant for projects across the country. Steve has taught water gardening at The Berkshire Botanical Garden's Master Gardeners' class and was included in the book, Herbs: Gardens, Decorations, and Recipes. Steve was also featured in Cutting's Magazine for a pond installation at the Berkshire Botanical Garden as well as Berkshire Living's Home and Garden magazine as a leading area artist for ponds and waterpieces. He is a member of the Building Trades Association, The Massachusettes Business Association, and has served on the local conservation committee. He is fully knowledgable of local building ordinances and regulations and works always with ecology and conservation a top priority.

Country Landscape has over 30 years of experience in landscape design and architecture. Steve has taken seemingly 'unworkable' areas and transformed them into beautiful ponds, terraces, patios, and firepits. Every
design piece is beautiful from the day of completion and continues to evolve tastefully as the years pass. A Country Landscape design offers the beauty of plants, the flow of water, the energy of rocks, and vibrance of life as aquatic and avian species discover their new habitat.

Country Lanscape is fully insured and can be reached at 413.229.8018 or email: